directed by Gracie Meier

They want to fuck you. They don’t care if they hurt you. And when graduation day arrives, they become our lawyers, our politicians, our police officers.

A group of students are stranded on an uninhabited island. Their attempt to govern themselves proves to be disastrous, even deadly, as civil behavior cracks open to reveal a deeply embedded savagery. This reimagined take on William Golding’s classic novel explores the depths of toxic masculinity, the institutions that support it, and those who are affected in its wake.

It’s tempting to think “But I’m not like the boys in this story. I could never do what they do. I’m a good person” But a look into the past – especially the very recent – shows many examples of seemingly good people behaving badly. The question then becomes,“Who gets away with behaving badly? Who is empowered to do it again, and again, and again?”

assistant directed by Jennie Russianoff
dramaturgy by Hannah Greenspan
stage managed by Adam Crawford & Amanda Playford
scenic design by Claire Divito
sound design by Connor Ciesil
lighting design by Simean Carpenter
special effects design by Dyllan Rodrigues-Miller
projection design by Tyler Blakeman
video design by George David Elrod
violence direction by Cameron Knight

Featuring Matthew Elam, Delaney Feener, Elijah Newman, Aristotle Dongas, Connor Bredbeck, Jared Narter-Slezak, Michael Morrow, Alec Deske, and Ryan Goldenberg


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