Johnny 10Beers' Daughter 

assistant producer, Something Marvelous

Written by Dana Lynn Formby, Directed by Emmi Hilger, Featuring Arti Ishak and Randy Steinmeyer

Presented by Something Marvelous and Randy Steinmeyer in association with Chicago Dramatists' Grafting Project.

  • Eugene O'Neill Finalist, 2016
  • Honorable Mention, Kilroys, 2015
  • Princess Grace Finalist, 2015

"A father and daughter fish for silence in both the Euphrates and Poudre Rivers after serving in Iraq—a Marine Corp enlistment separated by 16 years. Johnny 10 Beers’ Daughter shares the personal and public struggles created by war. This dialogue-driven drama showcases the battle with post-war life and inner-self capturing the silence and the explosions of anger created by PTSD."

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