Christina, The Girl King

assistant director, Cor Theatre 

written by Michel Marc Bouchard
directed by Tosha Fowler
presented at the Frontier as part of Jackalope Theatre's Pioneer Series 

1649, Sweden. Queen Christina of Sweden, has summoned Rene Descartes to her court to share with her the radical new ideas of the time. Descartes’s ideas about free will and reason appeal to Christina, who is struggling to reconcile between her rational, thinking self and emotions she dares not name-including her love for a woman. An enigmatic monarch, a flamboyant and unpredictable intellectual, a woman eager for knowledge, and a feminist before her time, which side of herself will Christina chose? Will her final choice be an act of madness? Or a bold gesture of love by a modern woman born out of her time – one whom the seventeenth century simply could not contain?

scenic design by Elyse Balogh
costume design by Alarie Hammock
sound design by Jeffrey Levin
lighting design by Eric Vigo
dramaturgy by Elyse Cowles
stage management by Janelle Bourdreau

Photos by Matthew Gregory Hollis and Gracie Meier. 

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